Founded by Raul Walters over fifty years ago, Raul Walters Companies and the Raul Walters Properties division has specialized in developing commercial and multi-family real estate projects with an on-going commitment to environmental, neighborhood and community needs. Always dedicated to excellence, projects have ranged from the building and financing of the early Wal-Mart stores for Sam Walton to recently developing various commercial properties including the 1,200,000 square feet commercial center in BransonMissouri. As owners and developers, Raul Walters Properties has been at the forefront of eco-friendly growth with its sensitivity to the environmental and community needs of clients, cities and retailers.

Headquartered in St. LouisMO, the company continues to expand with the addition of its Raul Walters Capital division and Raul Walters Defense group. As a leading developer, the Raul Walters Capital division is focused on acquiring and owning a diversified portfolio including retail, office, multi-family, and industrial properties, and providing equity financing for Wall Street traded firms, within the United States and Canada, either directly, or by working with other "real operating companies." 

The newly formed Defense Group is involved in the development of an innovative, cutting-edge prototype vehicle (Light Assault Vehicle/Badger) for military and law enforcement use. The goal is to produce a more survivable vehicle using the most advanced technology available to save lives in IraqAfghanistan, and around the world.

Raul Walters Companies is backed by an experienced staff and customer service team who are ready to assist you and answer any questions.